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Enriched Cloud Computing LLC.,USA
Resources International, Inc., USA
I-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India

Contact Us: Please feel free to contact one of our senior staff, for any product / service related questions. We shall ensure the appropriate person in charge contacts you promptly.

Exclusive Marketing partner: The licensed IT products and services are offered by Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC under an exclusive licensing agreement with our Technology Partner, the I-Grandee Software Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. All the IT products and services are exclusively marketed by Resources International, Inc., who shall respond to your enquiry with appropriate follow up.

US State Dept Mandate:Being a US company, we are mandated to work with only those authorized by our State Department. Sincerely regret our inability to entertain any enquiries from any individual, company or country in the prohibited list, published periodically by the US State Department.

End-user and destination declaration:All Exporters in the US and Importers outside the US shall sign a notarized declaration that the products we offer will be used in the final destination declared in the purchase order and will not be diverted to any of those in the prohibited list under any circumstance.

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