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Salient features

 User-friendly, Configuring entire Student and School related Master Planning
 Encrypted using 256 bit SSL to protect privacy and confidentiality
 Highly customizable, scalable and flexible as needed.
 Designing Class and Course contents, Time table, School Activities and Holiday Calendar
 Student enrollment, Student ID generation and card printing, Reports generation
 Student Dorm / Hostel Management (if needed)

 Maintains Student course, subject, lesson, attendance, extra-curricular activities, etc.
 Integrated with MOBILE APP for all Java based mobiles
 Parent / Guardian Communications when needed, via Texting / SMS / email, etc.
 Parent-Teacher Conference via Tele-Conferencing (Optional: Enhanced KYC)
 Automated Emergency / Disaster Communication (Optional: Enhanced KYC)
 Cost effective, competitive and affordable, with the best ROI

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3 Major BENEFITS for Teachers and Faculty:
  • Saves from monotonous paper work, to focus on teaching and student care

  • Facilitates secure access of records 24/7 at the user's convenience

  • Optional private, secure online, Parent-Teacher Video conference

3 Major BENEFITS for Students:
  • Register, select classes and plan educational and related activities online

  • Easily monitor own progress, use online tutorials and digital library facilities

  • Individual / group projects can be well organized and accomplished

3 Major BENEFITS for Parents and Guardians:
  • Better Parent involvement with 24/7 access to secure interaction

  • Track own children's progress closely and be more active in their education

  • Communicate effectively and quickly in any emergency or disaster situation

3 Major BENEFITS for Administrative Staff:
  • User-friendly, Real time reporting with complete tracking with a few clicks

  • Saves substantial operating cost and lowers carbon-foot print significantly

  • Dynamic Web-based system will update current information on the fly

3 Major BENEFITS for Management:
  • Instant 24/7 access to valid information for effective decision making

  • Centralized reporting of multiple locations for global planning and strategy

  • Integrated solution in managing academic, administrative & educational aspects

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