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Virtual Tele-ED - a Tele-education Delivery System is a Digital Gateway to the students, researchers, faculty and experts to address the complete life cycle of education in school, college and university from entry to the final certification.

 A unique universal solution in the education domain, that multicasts the synchronized multimedia, including video, audio, data to remote virtual class rooms. Its collaboration tools seamlessly  interact with the students; interface with the digital library and  internet to provide information on demand;  interfaces with a Virtual  Library, Virtual Content Management system and is a two-way  interactive system with a one-to-many and remote-to-any concept,  that makes a remote teacher become a teacher to all the students  with the click of a button.

Virtual Tele-Ed (Live) and Complete IT Education solution via LMS, KMS, CMS, Online Examination systems and Digital Library are ready HDTV, Web, VSAT, MPLS Network, Fiber optics and Wireless based solutions for Tele-education & Corporate training using end-to-end synchronous and asynchronous education platform - from low to high bandwidth.

  • Virtual University / College / School - a smart ERP for all levels of Education and e-Governance

  • Comprehensive, asynchronous learning management solution, using fully robust, web based components, built on top of J2EE platform using MVC architecture.

  • Entry to Exit is fully digital

  • Student Application and Admission.

  • Entrance Examination and Interview.

  • Student virtual classroom.

  • Student collaboration with faculty and other students.

  • Student performance monitoring.

  • Secured semester examination with digital certification / PKI based question paper delivery.

  • Digital answer paper validation and Online result announcement.

  • Administration & management of the institute through smart, secure e-Governance.

The Remote Virtual Classroom is a client side software that lets you receive live lecture and incorporates extensive collaboration tools for sharing subject knowledge with the experts from the university studio through the VSAT network. It also has a recording agent.

This web application system administers the studio operations for the timetable schedule by fixing the course, lecture topic, and time slot to the respective subject expert. It manages the multiple studios in a complex environment.

This e-Learning Management System helps to automate the learning environment, provide access for students, teachers and parents to online registration, syllabus, fees, courses and subjects, question and answers, quiz, projects, thesis, seminars, conferences, news, tasks, space, email and home page. It also provides status tracking, reporting, and progress monitoring in the university environment, college environment and school environment. This tool is based on SCORM standards for interoperable learning object management.

This versatile Content Management Solution (CMS) facilitates the deployment of a syllabus and the online course content over the web, through dynamic workflow for verification, validation, approval and content deployment. It supports SCORM.

Facility of Question Bank Creation and Question Paper Generation with various difficulty factors and unique randomness. Provides Question Paper Delivery through the secured workflow using Digital signature, 1024 bit DSA based encryption and decryption. Live question paper access in remote locations with security.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) based objective Question - Answer paper validation and marking system that works with Virtual EXAM.

One-to-one, and one-to-many users can be connected in a seamless networked environment starting from H.263 standards, JPEG and MPEG formats.

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Virtual Tele Ed Components:
  • Portal Management System

  • E-Learning System

  • Content Management System

  • Digital Library System

  • Exam Management System

  • Knowledge Management System

Advantages: One-stop solution for:
  • High Definition Virtual Tele Education and Tele Presence

  • Multimedia collaborative conference / seminar / education

  • Customizable to suit each customer's demands.

  • Tele corporate training

  • Teacher Training / Distance education / Online education

  • One to one, One to many and Many to many collaboration

  • Virtual classrooms - web client and remote clients

  • Virtual Campus - using J2EE Application server, online sharing of URL reference, on line Discussions, group Project Presentations, Q and A, virtual Library, virtual Exam and results.

  • Deployed to meet the educational and training demands using modern technology

  • Provide necessary education, skills and training leading to better performance

  • Prepare qualified job applicants in advance

  • Satisfying employment opportunities

  • Distance learning is practical at an affordable cost

  • At the convenience of the student / trainee.

  • Interactive learning with instant access to virtual library and reference materials

  • Enjoyable learning process, accommodating the student's own pace

  • Our dedicated servers offer scalability, security and dependability

  • Cost-effective, scalable, reliable, heterogeneous network solution from a single window

Salient Features:
  • One-to-one, One-to-many and Many-to-many collaborative learning

  • Scalable, Modular and Open Architecture

  • Designed and developed on Java/J2EE open standards

  • CME offers by Health Care Institutes, Specialty societies and organizations via Tele-Med

  • Futuristic and function rich teaching and learning environment per the educator / teacher

  • Network interoperability, capable of coupling with different networks

  • Increased collaboration and productivity between the teacher and the students

  • Digital Library, World Wide Web, Content Repository, Question Bank, etc.

  • Accessible at one's own convenience, for review and revisions whenever needed

  • Accelerate ROI and increased knowledge and student retention

Virtual Tele-Ed -turn-key solutions:
  • Set up as a stand-alone software or

  • Provided as SaaS in the education sector

  • Can be set up in a Private Cloud environment,

  • Customized per the institutions' / customer's needs and demands.Customized per the institutions' / customer's needs and demands.

  • Set up HDTV - Multimedia studio and virtual classrooms