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The ancient practice of businesses catering to those who physically go to the brick-and-mortar facility in order to get what they want has been largely enhanced by the digital age revolution. One can access stores and businesses across continents and get what they want with the click of a button. This rapidly evolving and expanded market place has its own challenges and advantages to any business. No more content with local customer base, several businesses loom for customers in far-away locations - using electronic communication methods.

Modern amenities such as telephones, emails, smart phones, customized bill boards that can deliver appropriate content based on the time of day or passersby, etc. has trend the marketing world upside down in order to minimize waste in ad dollars and maximize the ROI. The word Tele-Marketing in its infancy meant annoying phone calls received at odd or inconvenient hours -leading to the 'Do-Not-Call' lists and enrollments. But is only one of several digital, Tele-Marketing that the current technology encompasses.

The intent of the businesses is to bring their product or service to the attention of those they feel will be the end-users. Marketing and Advertising industries have evolved over the years trying to serve that need and the digital world has become even more adept in newer and effective ways of reaching out to the end-user. There is fine line between the intent to inform and the intrusion in to one'ss privacy. Those that cross that line whether knowingly or otherwise, get rejected by the target audience. Hence, the recent trend to gather data and mine it to design tele-marketing to suit the individual, their circle of contacts, etc. and data mining has become such a huge growth industry indeed.

When using the modern Tele-marketing technology, one must use certain principles and obtain the customer consent to provide only what the customer is willing to allow. The art of marketing combined with digital programming shall bring about such balance. Intrusive SMS messages may in fact turn off the customer, rather than encourage them to patronize the business. Well-designed Tele-Marketing will provide the required information without overwhelming the recipient and be ready to offer more details, if asked for, at the optimal time and in a suitable manner, using the desired output device, at the convenience of the end-user.

The 4G and Smart phones are now bringing that functionality in the world of Tele-Marketing - at the appropriate time and place when and where the customer is seeking such info. This JIT in the marketing sphere, as it changed several manufacturing industries, will bring in similar efficiencies in Tele-Marketing as well.

Most large firms set up in-house Marketing Division and may use one of several reputed Tele-Marketing software, tailoring it to their specific products and / or services they offer. It takes a significant part of one's budget and requires attention from the top all the way to the entire staff - no matter how wide-spread they are. The efficiency may not be as good as the ones hosted from outside. Even large firms have started to allocate some of their Tele-Marketing functions to ASP outside their own organization.

To reduce the overhead and benefit from the volumes of scale by joining with others, several medium and small size firms find it cost effective to handle Tele-Marketing using an ASP (Applications Service Provider). This is run as SaaS in a public cloud shared by more than one company, by ensuring data security, encryption and whenever possible, using dedicated servers to cater to client's growing needs.

Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC offers Tele-Marketing solution through its Tech partners, on a hosted model as SaaS. If desired, we can set this up for any client in their own Private Cloud, using our Virtual and Smart ERP module that is customized to the client. We offer training for in-house staff on tele-marketing and provide ongoing maintenance as mutually agreed.

With our Technology partner 'i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt Ltd', we shall provide customized solutions for your Tele-Marketing demands, by developing a totally customized unique product that meets your demands.

We follow CMM Level 2 and 3 standards for software development lifecycle process, and UML methodology for object oriented application development, in a distributed and multi-tier environment with MVC architecture for enterprise solutions.

Our development is based on sophisticated tools, application servers, and configuration. We control our releases through the version control management for software development and top class project management. Our testing facilities meet the stringent need for high quality distributed application development and deployment.

We follow the J2EE standards for enterprise application development using MVC architecture based on the UML methodologies and the design models. We design the solutions based on open platforms and Microsoft Windows platform.

  • JAVA - J2SE, J2EE, J2ME: JSP, Servlets, EJB, JTS, JMX, JDMK, Java Mail, JINI, Struts framework and JSF.
  • XML, WML, WML Script, GSM, SMS, Blue tooth.
  • TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, MIME, SMTP, POP3, IMAP Protocols.
  • JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CSS, MS DOT NET Frame Work: ASP.NET, VB.NET, BizTalk Server.
  • VC++, COM+, VB/COM, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Active X controls.
  • ISAPI, NSAPI plug-ins for Apache, i-Planet, Netscape application servers and IIS.
  • C, C++, UNIX, Sun Solaris and Linux Platforms.
  • MS-SQL Server, Oracle 8i/9i, Oracle Application Server.
  • IDE - Visual Café, J-Developer, Forte.
  • BEA Web Logic, I-Planet Application Servers, Sun One Application server, Tomcat, JBOSS.
  • IIS, Apache servers.
  • Visual Source Safe for Configuration and Version Control.
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server Platform, Linux Platform, Sun Solaris Platforms.