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Introduction:Virtual Enterprise is a suite of products that enables an organization to build its knowledge enterprise. It acts as a prime mover of prosperity and power. It automatically generates and creates the explicit knowledge, and captures the tacit or implicit knowledge that has been gained over a period of time from experience, innovation, creativity, and training.

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Virtual Enterprise Components:
  • Business Process Management

  • Financial Process Management

  • Virtual Budget management

  • Virtual D - Document Management

  • Virtual Appointment Management

  • Virtual Meeting Management

  • Virtual Collaboration and Messaging

  • Virtual Mail Management

  • Virtual Project Management

  • Virtual Human Resources Management

  • Virtual CRM (Customer Relation Management)

  • Virtual Library

  • Virtual Knowledge Management

  • Virtual Media Lab Management

  • Virtual Portal and Web services Portal

  • Virtual Gateway

  • Virtual e-Procurement Management

  • Virtual Inventory Management

  • Virtual Task Management

  • Virtual Work-flow Management

  • Virtual Issue Management

  • Virtual Grievance Management

Some of the components are:
  • Virtual-D - This Electronic Knowledge Management System combines dynamic workflow management with security such as digital signature, encryption and decryption using DSA 1024 bit. It has systematic controls and standards to create, use, retrieve, convert, dispose and preserve information resources of the administrative departments in all formats. It has version control, archival, shared access, virtual space and email integration with context sensitive storage. It helps to manage the explicit knowledge and it has a discussion forum, common interest groups, task management, news, alert management, that help capture the explicit and implicit knowledge generated in an enterprise.

  • Virtual Meeting - Automates the entire meeting management process to capture the explicit and implicit knowledge.

  • Virtual PM - Provides project management from planning, scheduling, execution, tracking and monitoring.

  • Virtual HR - Manages and maintains all the Human Resource management activities.

  • Virtual Library - Manages the digital library solution, and manual library information system with double-in core standards

  • Virtual Gateway - Provides organizational security with the collaboration tools, appointments and access control through smart card solutions.

  • Virtual Collaboration and Messaging - Enables you to email, create discussion forums, chat - text, audio, video, news, memos, seminars, conferences, and tasks.

  • Virtual Media Lab - Captures the graphics, audio, and video output in various forms from organizations, and provides easy access and printing solutions.

  • Virtual Knowledge - Captures implicit knowledge across an organization through the Virtual Enterprise suite of products and creates a data warehouse.

  • Virtual Medicos - Covers the entire spectrum of hospital management systems

Enterprise Resource Processing (ERP) solution is ideal for:
  • Business / Corporate of any size and their clients

  • Head Quarters to branch offices worldwide

  • Financial, Education, Healthcare & Judicial Institutions

  • A global solution for G2G, B2B, E2E, G2B and G2E

  • State Govt to District Administration

  • Ministers and their units across the state and center

  • Public / Private Enterprises to their branch offices

Salient Features:
  • Scalable and interoperable

  • Built on open standard in a J2EE environment, MVC architecture and struts frame work.

  • Secured with digital signatures and interoperable with PKI installations

  • Supports any standard RDBMS, J2EE based application servers, LDAP based directory servers, JMS based messaging implementations, web services leading to the implementation of SOA and

  • Provides open API to integrate any MIS applications