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Thank you for visiting and using our web site. One-time registering enables a customer to recall the data without having to enter it new every time. Registration allows one to participate in Customer Forums, discussions, etc. Your feedback enables us to improve our products and services to you. We welcome your suggestions, comments and constructive criticism to improve our products and service to all our customers.

All the software products are developed by our Technical partner, I-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With the industry standard top level security and encryption standards, to ensure the customer has the best security at all times. We strictly adhere to the principles of the HIPPA regulatory standards so that our customers enjoy the privacy and security in all the products we offer and not limited to the medical documents alone.

Our focus is to keep up with advancing technology in this field and ensure the peace of mind to our customers. Our dedicated servers are protected with tight physical security with very strict access control and constant monitoring to meet the industry protocols around the clock.

The information provided by any visitor or customer is strictly for use within our own organization, shared with our business associates who have contractual obligations to provide service to our customers and visitors. They are also required to be bound by the same confidentiality and privacy policies that we adhere to. We do NOT share or sell any info we receive from you to any outside party and respect your privacy.

We genuinely appreciate and are honored for any referrals you provide when satisfied with our products and service. We will be delighted to contact your family members, friends, colleagues and associates to provide them information about who we are, what we do and about our products and services. All such data are also treated with utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality.