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Multimedia High Definition Virtual Knowledge Call Center

Virtual Knowledge Call Center empowers the organization, ensuring seamless communication among its entities across different geographies; maximizes overall performance and improve profit with affordable implementation; giving excellent service through multimedia technology convergence.

A multimedia tele-conferencing knowledge solution based on the open standard platform; built-in multimedia HD virtual tele-presence engine which delivers the HD in a one-to-many and many-to-many environment; supports low bandwidth solution through web and extends up to high bandwidth networking environment such as Internet2.

Real-time multimedia conferencing over MPLS, VPN, VSAT, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX using multicast and unicast technologies with synchronous multi-media interaction with multi-locations with collaborative tools.

Supports 3G, S-DMB, T-DMB technologies for futuristic communications.

Transforms the existing call centers (Voice and Data) into a knowledge call center through IP based voice, audio, video, data and multimedia call center.

Virtual Reality studies with collaborative design and development studies, assembly and disassembly studies and 3D model -s digital prototype assembly studies

'Stock exchange trading' training can be imparted, trade- buying and selling and sharing the interactions among the participants

Teachers Training, sharing the teaching practices, knowledge sharing for teaching and pedagogical training

Human Resource Recruitment, HR consultations and counseling and campus interviews

Mobile conferencing through 3G

Software based, Multimedia Tele-Conferencing with multi-location in a distributed environment

  Video (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H-264, H-263, MJPEG, 2way/multiple video)

  Audio (MPGA, MP4A, MP2A, G723, ILBC)

  Data (Text, PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, Images, 2D, 3D, Animation, SMS, VoIP, Multimedia)

  Collaboration (Chat, Whiteboard, desktop sharing, application sharing, web browsing, content publishing with 2D/ 3D/PPT, ask question, message services, blogging, knowledge archive)

Protocol Supported: TCP/IP, UDP-Multicast, HTTP, H-323, RTMP/RTMPT, RTP, RTSP, 3G
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  Users at any campus can interact, collaborate with the expert sitting in the virtual Knowledge Call Center to get assistance or its group of users connected through internet / leased line / VSAT / Wi-MAX, etc.

  Subject experts can guide the users in their learning process and clarify the doubts, suggest and resolve the problems and provide the solution.

  Expert - User interaction in a collaborative environment enhances the quality of learning and enriches the education, skill development, training. Guidance, instructions and discussions.

  Two-way interaction through audio, video and collaborative tools helps to simultaneously interact with many users at a time in a single session. Users can interact with multiple remote users based on the screen size and keep connecting the other users in sequence, depending on the band-width.

  URL conferencing with remote users to hold demonstrations, live website sharing, animated content sharing, shared white board, desktop sharing rom nodal call center.

  VoIP calls to selected users and VoIP phones reduce telephone calls and associated costs.

  Sending SMS through mobile gateway to any users on the fly, file transfers to selected users and sharing files; forwarding queries from one expert to another for speedy resolution.

We offer to Set up:

  Multimedia Studio with HD recording and Management Server per customer needs.

  Production Control Center

  Virtual Tele-Ed Studio Server

  Content Management Server [virtual CMS],

  Knowledge Management Server [virtual KMS], etc.

Salient features:

Scalable and interoperable

Built on open standard in a J2EE environment, MVC architecture and struts frame work.

Secured with digital signatures and interoperable with PKI installations

Supports any standard RDBMS, J2EE based application servers, LDAP based directory servers, JMS based messaging implementations, web services leading to the implementation of SOA and provides open API to integrate any MIS applications.