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HIT: Health Information Technology uses digital technology for effective exchange of healthcare knowledge aiming for better quality at an affordable cost.

EMR: When a patient visits a doctor or a hospital, the professional will develop a personalized medical record of that patient's healthcare and this in a digital format is commonly called EMR - short for 'Electronic Medical Record'.

EHR: When the medical / healthcare records of the same patient is combined from several providers and over a period of time to provide a comprehensive and accurate documentation - in a digital format, that is commonly referred to as E H R - Electronic Health Record.

PMR: Usually the health information about a patient is maintained at the care giver's office even though the contents belong to the patient. The paper format for keeping such data gradually is giving way to digitization at lest in a number of countries. When such data are now owned by the individual, the rightful owner, these data are called 'PMR'= 'Private Medical Record'. The web enabled PMR allows portability and easy access wherever internet access is available, using any type of peripheral devices. This enables major improvement in providing appropriate care even in remote places.

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Virtual MediX - HMIS:

End-to-end point of care for patients seeking medical care in an ambulatory or in-hospital system, including Enterprise Resource Management to run single or multiple healthcare institutions under one umbrella. Enables interchange of valuable medical data among healthcare providers without compromising patient confidentiality.


  Out-patient and in-patient registration

  Patient / Insurance billing

  Hospital admission / treatment / discharge

  Surgical / Operation Theatre scheduling and optimization

  Medical record - digitization, storage, retrieval - in a secure and encrypted manner

  Referral and tracking as well as Patient flow management

  • E-Governance and Paperless Office System

  • E-procurement Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Pharmacy Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

Virtual MediX - LIS:

Laboratory Information System enables managing the entire clinical laboratory testing and reporting, including:

  • Patient check-in

  • Order entry and Specimen tracking

  • Result entry and reporting in a secure manner

  • Patient and ordering physician demographics

  • HL7 interface with reference to labs and EMR / HER

Virtual MediX - RIS: Radiology Information System:

It is to store, manage and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. It provides access to the radiological imaging such as X-ray, CT, MRI etc., through standard protocols such as DICOM and HL7.

  • DICOM creation with patient information, study and send images

  • DICOM viewer with capabilities

  • Import and export to PACS servers

  • HL7 interfaces with PACS

Virtual MediX - PACS & DICOM:

PACS and DICOM Server: The system is integrated with open source PACS server and DICOM 3.0 compliant application and combines the following components.

  • A DICOM Server

  • A PACS Server using open source MySQL database

  • A Web server using open source Apache HTTP server

Virtual MediX - EMR / EHR:

Electronic Medical Record / Electronic Health Record in Virtual MediX:

  Patient demographics

  Medical history, exam, progress reports, consult, lab & imaging studies results, etc.

  Medicine and allergy lists and immunization status

  Scheduling, retrieval and archiving of laboratory and other tests

  Digitized, secure storing of imaging studies (X-rays/Ultrasound/CT/MRI/PET, etc.)

  E-prescribing and detect Drug-drug and drug-food interactions

  Clinical Practice Guidelines and medical reference for evidence based therapy

  HIPPA compliant to ensure privacy protection

  Claims and payment processing

  Patient reminders, test results, education materials and preventive health data

  Medical Transcription integration with chat notes, chart and test results

  Allow digital images, annotations, electronic signatures, etc.

  Overall work-flow management in the healthcare setting

 Tele-radiology -thousands of imaging studies in digital format are read over the internet by Radiology Consultants about half way across the globe - in a cost effective manner.

 Tele-Surgery- Either to learn new surgical or diagnostic procedures sent live on digital broadcast or conduct long distance robotic surgery using tele-medicine are becoming a routine now.

 Tele-Ophthalmology- Ability to detect a number of common eye problem sand advice preventive steps or corrective measures is now possible with Tele-Ophthalmology.

 Tele-Virtual Reality- Watching live surgical or diagnostic procedures or maneuvers is now fairly common to learn from experts in one part of the world to another.

 Tele-Consultancy- Thousands of consultations are now possible using Tele-Consultations - from any corner of the globe using the HD capability and sharing medical data

 Tele-Presence- Tele-Conferencing with patients and other consultants and care givers to identify the most optimal care for any given patient is streamlining optimal medical care and saving significant cost and time in providing much need care. Enables "Store and forward Tele-medicine" with live interaction, collaboration for real time 'Doctor-Doctor' and 'Doctor - Patient' consultations

 Mobile Tele-Medicine- Satellite Dish antennas mounted on mobile medical vans enable transmitting and accessing vital medical even in remote areas - especially in any disasters.

 Tele-Education for preventive care- using the modern technology, it is much easier to share and educate as well as prevent significant problems in communicable diseases as well as teaching valuable preventive medical practices. Tele-Education can help prevent epidemics and pandemics when the affected parts of the world have ready access to important education in preventive measures.

Products and Services offered in the Healthcare Domain
  • Stand-alone software for use by any health care provider / institute

  • Turn-key set up of state of the art HDTV, Web, VSAT, MPLS Network, Fiber optics and Wireless based solutions for CME via Tele-education & Corporate training using end-to- end synchronous and asynchronous education platform - from low to high bandwidth.

  • SaaS model based on customer's specific needs and demands

  • Private Cloud for CME / Tele-Ed /Tele Med - design, develop & deploy

  • Data Integration of digital medical library, world wide web, content repository, question bank and knowledge management for blended learning

  • Tele-Med online consultation with specialists -from remote rural clinics

  • EMR / PMR / medical records storage / organization / retrieval, etc.

We offer to setup:
  • Multimedia Studio and Management Server - if required

  • Production Control Center

  • Virtual Tele-Ed / Tele-Conference Studio Server

  • Content Management Server [virtual CMS]

  • Knowledge Management Server [virtual KMS], etc.

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and in a Private Cloud

Salient features:
  • Scalable and interoperable

  • Seamless store and forward PACS system. Conforms to HL7 & DICOM 3.0

  • Built on open standard in a J2EE environment, MVC architecture and struts frame work.

  • Secured with digital signatures and interoperable with PKI installations

  • Supports any standard RDBMS, J2EE based application servers, LDAP based directory servers, JMS based messaging implementations, web services leading to the implementation of SOA and provides open API to integrate any MIS applications