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In this fast paced world, for an individual or any size business, reliable data acquisition, management, maintenance, storage, safe access and fast recovery is essential in day-to-day operations. Especially after any kind of disaster, it is vital to be able to get back on one's feet. Keeping all trade / commercial data encrypted and in a secure off-site location is critical to protect the confidentiality of one's trade secrets, IP and R & D projects.

'Virtual D' Document Management Suite has many desirable features. These can be tailored to every client, based on the existing documents or file systems in place, by integrating them seamlessly. If the data are in paper or magnetic disk or any other older formats, one needs to convert them to digitally storable form. The digitized data can be provided in a CD / DVD / and in any commonly used file formats. For a nominal cost, thedata organization can be done per client's needs. We endorse HIPPA level compliant security and encryption for privacy protection in all data related functions.

Disaster recovery is critical in every sector and industry - for any size organization or business.

   Healthcare sector: Hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices.
   Education sector: Libraries, Archival of records, Universities, colleges, etc.
   Judicial sector: Courts, judicial offices, government departments for law enforcement.
   Legal sector: Law practices, court decisions, rulings, etc.
   Financial sector: Accountants, Banks, Brokerages, etc.
   Small, Medium and Large business - local, regional, national or MNC.
   Individuals, estates, trusts, charitable, non-profit entities, etc.

With the recent unauthorized leak of confidential diplomatic documents, every organization, be it Government or a company, understand the need for top level security as well as faster detection of any breach should one occur. Our program allows constant monitoring and ability to track who had access, what part of the data, when it was accessed, how it was used, etc.

When important documents are destroyed in an unexpected fire or flood, it would take sizable expense and several months to re-create the lost data. This delay might worsen any chance of recovery. Without a solid data recovery plan, one suffers more due to the prohibitive cost to reconstruct lost documents. Adequate documentation and storage onsite and off-site makes it easier to claim and recover any insurance benefits, making it easier to recover from a major disaster and its dire consequences.

A good Business Practice Management Solution should incorporate a solid Disaster Recovery program for fast retrieval of all essential documents and valuable data. Along with an in-house disk-based back-up system, an automatic, live, secure, encrypted on-line backup should overcome any disaster that could be otherwise devastating.

Major power failures, brown outs, natural or man-made disasters, fires, floods, sudden downpour, water leak, technical glitches, virus / spam invasions, forgetfulness to back up can come at the worst time. A misplaced disk, lost tape or stolen laptop can lead to potential leak of sensitive customer data, triggering the Red Flag rule with serious liability issues.

Secure and encrypted storage of valuable and critical personal / office data at a site remote from the main office and branch offices, in the modern 'cloud computing' atmosphere, provides the security, safety and comfort that every individual and business deserve. Need not buy expensive hardware, back up disks, maintenance software, annual updates for every PC, constant monitoring for spyware, spam, virus menace, etc. or for a specially trained, dedicated IT security staff. Automated on-line system frees up the Technical staff time for other valuable tasks.

The cost savings from all the initial and ongoing hardware and software expenses will justify the nominal cost of the on-line solution based on cloud computing. Our software engineers shall propose a customized solution for all your data protection, back-up, storage and recovery needs.

If you desire backup and storage in a Private Cloud or an off-site Public Cloud, our experts will design a 'BOT' to meet your requirements. Based on the number of locations, current and anticipated future data management demands, etc. we offer custom-fit solutionat a competitive cost.

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Salient Features:
  • Ongoing and up to the minute back up of specified or entire data generated every day.

  • Automatic and secure off site cloud computing ensures privacy, security and safety.

  • Client access to secure data from anywhere via a number of end-user appliances - PC, laptop, notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc. and interoperable in most installations.

  • Ability to stratify level of security based on the client's criteria and authorized access.

  • Encrypted security during backup, transmission, storage as well as retrieval operations.

  • Built in recording of who, what and when accessed the secure data.

  • Reliable entry of any modifications made to any documents - when, whom, what, etc.

  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPPA, Red Flag Rule, etc.

  • Saves hardware, software expenses, tech staff time, etc. in a cost effective manner.

Features and Benefits we offer:

(i) Design, develop and deploy quality, cost efficient and affordable Enterprise solutions in the area of:

  • E-Governance

  • Document management

  • Knowledge management, collaborative e-Learning

  • Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Tele-justice

  • Smart card with security

  • Network and information security

(ii) Focus on the Application Service Provider model solutions for:

  • G2C, B2B, B2C clients

  • Wireless and SMS application enabling for the ASP model solutions

  • Networking and network management

  • Telecom

  • Enterprise wide system development

  • Enterprise application integration

(iii) Software solutions, consultations, customization, integration and implementation for:

  • Client/server application development

  • Website design, content generation and multimedia development

(iv) Follow CMM Level 2 and 3 standards for software development lifecycle process, and UML methodology for object oriented application development, in a distributed and multi-tier environment with MVC architecture for enterprise solutions.

(v) Development based on sophisticated tools, application servers, and configuration. We control releases through the version control management for software development and top class project management.

(vi) Adequate testing facilities to meet the stringent need for high quality distributed application development and deployment.

(vii) Follow the J2EE standards for enterprise application development using MVC architecture based on UML methodologies and the design models; develop the solutions based on open platforms and Microsoft Windows platform.

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