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Introduction: Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC shall be a customer friendly site for our visitors to share their constructive ideas to benefit everyone. The participants shall respectthe individuality and sensitivity of others, without any bias or discrimination. This is non-political, non-religious site, providing solutions that may make a difference in someone else' life.

Acceptable decor: To be effective, the participants shall at all times uphold the accepted principals of civilized online protocols and never use this to hurt anyone intentionally or otherwise, without violating any IP, privacy and confidentiality. Those who post news, updates, etc. have the responsibility to verify the source and provide authentic and verifiable reference.

Social Media: The current trend in social media is quite impressive. The various avenues for people to come together, share their common values and participate in a positive manner is a new phenomenon that a few years back was not possible. We may undertake projects to help the less fortunate and seek your support to spread the wordamong your social network to enhance our efforts.

Events Calendar: Let us hear from you about events that may be of common interest to our visitors. We shall post a number of them that are relevant to our audience and shall be deleted when the event is over.

News Updates:  Anyone with a cell phone has become an instant news reporter and the ease with which pertinent news spreads online is simply amazing. Some of the news makes us think and some make us laugh. This Customer Forum shall share global news of relevance to the visitors of our web site.

Effectiveness:  The effectiveness of any forum ultimately depends on those who use it. Participation in this private web site is a privilege and not a right, and it is never proper to post anything that is likely to offend anyone.

Limitations: Please review the 'Terms and Conditions' and other links given below. Participation in the Customer Forum, Social Media, Events Calendar, News Updates, and any others shall signify and imply that the user has reviewed, understood the terms and conditions and is willing to abide by these. Any abuse, misuse, postingoffensive materials, indecent items found unsuitable for children or adults, unsolicited ads, etc. will not be tolerated or permitted. Any such abuse shall be punishable by the fullest extent of the law.

Indemnification: The participants take full responsibility for any postings they add and shall indemnify Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC and its owners, associates, related parties, etc. and hold them harmless at all times.

Editorial Rights: This website is a private property of Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC which has the full editorial rights, legal authority and final discretion to delete any item it considers offensive, indecent or unsuitable for children and grown-ups. It shall retain the right to edit any posting or prevent anyone from further participation.