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Bookkeeping: Every business or organization (including non-profit and charitable ones) needs to keep track of its revenue and outgo by diligently documenting the financial transactions in an orderly manner. Commonly these include proper and timely recording of all transactions in assets, liabilities, cash flow, sales, items purchased from vendors to run the organization, payments made, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.

Bookkeeping has two common methods (a) Single-entry bookkeeping and (b) Double-entry bookkeeping. Either method enters the financial data in a number of ledgers such as the Customer Ledger, Vendor ledger, General ledger, etc.

Accounting usually involves using the bookkeeping documents to prepare the Balance Sheet, Profit-Loss Statement and also prepare all required tax filing documents and other regulatory forms that are necessary to run a business or organization properly. Those provide such services are Accountants. Several are well qualified professionals with degrees such as 'CA' or 'CPA', etc.

The software programs developed by 'i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt Ltd' and several others that are used in running any business simplify one's life, bring in efficiency and eliminate waste. Such data help to plan future business expansion, based on reliable, accurate financial documents that provide a glimpse of the potentials and limitations of the company.

When a privately held company decides to become a publicly traded one, the financial documents will be open for public scrutiny, periodic reporting in conformity with the industry and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and similar regulatory bodies and their established standards. Most such measures enforce accountability and responsibility, providing a way to detect and punish those who violate established safeguards and legal statutes.

Several reputable educational institutes offer accredited courses in these disciplines on campus or online, ranging from basic to post-doctoral level. Modern technology, cloud computing and broadband connectivity bring Tele-Education, Tele-Knowledge Centers and distance-learning, to any one with internet access.

A good understanding of the principles and methodology of bookkeeping and accounting helps an entrepreneur run a successful business. A number of financial ratios provide the estimated value, strength and health of the business. These data help a business apply for a credit line, obtain a loan, consolidate M & A activities, launch a new line of products or services, plan a major launch or undertake new projects.

Our on-line training is to provide basic understanding in these and several other disciplines that enable skill development and get an entry level position. One should aspire and expand the knowledge base by seeking several reputable and reliable sources to enhance one's understanding and ability in order to be good at what they do. With ever changing laws and regulatory requirements, one must seek continuing education, to be up to date on the changes.

Using private, public or hybrid cloud computing in bookkeeping and accounting, storage, etc., businesses and organizations of every size can derive maximum ROI. This may significantly lower / eliminate up-front huge investment in capital expenses and ongoing maintenance costs. Please 'Contact Us' and based on your needs, we shall provide a suitable, cost-effective and affordable solution.